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User Frustration Signals: Rage and Dead Clicks in Session Replay

AUTHOR: Sentry

Go beyond errors and performance issues and understand when users are frustrated with rage and dead clicks in Session Replay!

Rage and dead click cards are now at the top of your Replays page.

Rage clicks: five or more clicks rapidly on the same element. These clicks signal that your website or app didn't react the way your users expected.
Dead clicks: user clicks on an interactive element that does not result in any page activity (i.e., no DOM changes) after a few seconds. Examples of dead clicks are where a button is broken/unresponsive, or there's misleading UX where a disabled component is still being clicked.

Know where rage and clicks happen within any replay by viewing the timeline or filtering the DOM Events component to 'Rage & Dead Click'.

These are the prerequisites to use the feature:
1. Your org needs to have sent replay events
2. JavaScript SDK (or related framework) version of 7.60.1 or higher

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