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Rage Click Issues - Early Adopters Release

AUTHOR: Sentry

Identify signs of user frustration with rage click issues in Sentry - a series of rapid clicks on an the same unresponsive element.  

Back in August, we introduced rage clicks to our Replays page, and in October we grouped them by selector for quick insights. Now with our latest changes for early adopters, you can get all the handy workflow components that come with Sentry issues to triage your rage clicks (i.e., resolve, assign, archive, etc.) as well as being alerted on them so you can take action as soon as they occur.

These are the prerequisites to ensure we create rage click issues for your organization:

1. Your organization needs to have sent replay events
2. JavaScript SDK (or related framework) version of 7.60.1 or higher
3. Your organization needs to be an Early Adopter (Adjust this in "Organization Settings" in app)

To set up alerting for rage clicks, do the following steps:

1. Create a New Alert Rule in Sentry.
2. Scroll to the "Set conditions" section and set the "IF" filter to The issue's category is equal to… "Replay".
3. Choose which actions to perform in the “THEN” filter.
4. Add an alert name and owner.

To turn off rage click issues, go to your Settings > Projects > Select relevant project > Replays (Under "Processing" heading) > Toggle off "Create Rage Click Issues".

Please share any feedback you have on this GitHub issue and report bugs by opening by an issue.

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