Connect Session Replays to Backend Errors

AUTHOR: Sentry

Understand the user impact of your backend errors by viewing the associated replay video of the user session. Here's how:

1. On Issue Details for backend web projects (e.g., Python), you'll now see a "Replays" tab where you can find replays associated with the issue. A replay preview will also be displayed on the Issue Details of the latest event, if applicable.

2. The Replay Details view will now also cover backend errors in the Timeline, Breadcrumbs, Issues tab and more.

Now you can answer questions such as: Does this slow query affect the user experience, or does this backend error break any important pages?

Note: You must have sent replay and transaction events for your organization to use this feature. The following minimum SDK versions are required depending on which projects you've installed:

- JavaScript (or related framework) 7.51.0
- Python 1.20.0
- Node 7.48.0
- PHP 3.18.0
- NET 3.31.0
- Java 6.17.0
- Ruby 5.9.0
- Go 0.21.0

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