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Canvas Support for Session Replay is Now Available

AUTHOR: Sentry

We're excited to announce canvas support is now available in beta for Session Replay videos.

For all websites/apps that leverage HTML canvas elements, you can now configure replays to show canvas elements. This gives you the context & insight you need to debug tricky errors in your application related to those elements, and better understand the severity of those errors.

Here are the steps to get this installed:

  1. Upgrade your SDK to the latest version

  2. Set up Session Replay if you have not already

  3. In Sentry.init(), add Sentry.replayCanvasIntegration() to your integrations array

For more information on how to set up canvas and optimize performance, see here. Please note that there is currently no PII scrubbing in canvas recordings.

If you have any feedback or encounter issues setting this up, please open a GitHub ticket.

Before Canvas Recording is Enabled

After Canvas Recording is Enabled

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